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PostSubject: sponsor me   sponsor me EmptySun Oct 25, 2009 4:58 am

What is your GT/PSN? FaLLeN dL

Do you have AIM? If so, what is it? CaLLiNxXx

How old are you?14

What is your GB rank? Mr.FaLLeN 6k
What ladder do you participate in most often? Cod4

Why are you interested in our sponsorship? i need a good sponsor and I like your GFX work

What do you have to offer that others dont?I post on fourms almost everyday! so i will spread the word about you guys/ make this site BIG for GB

What are your past teams (and records)?
no friends?reg-45-8
team try hard-61-13

++ more
Will we be included in your GB motto? Why or why not?Yes, it will help promote this GFX site to everyone,
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sponsor me
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